You Can Get Rid of Dandruff, Naturally

A person identifies dandruff on his head by skin flaking or itching scalp. It is occurred by our own body actions. Our body sheds dead skin cells every day. Some shed more whereas some shed less. The one whose body sheds more dead skin cells leads to have bigger dandruff problems.


The main cause of dandruff is fungus that feeds on the oil of the scalp. Fungus absorbs the natural oils of the scalp and go deeper inside the scalp. To get rid of dandruff, people consult hair experts who suggest them to use different shampoos which are costly and rich in chemicals. These dandruff shampoos do work to counter dandruff but it is just for a time being. These dandruff shampoos do remove the fungus from the surface of the scalp but fails to remove fungus that is feeding deep inside the scalp. These shampoos contain a substance known as ‘Tars’ which burns and remove the dead cells from the scalp. The solution is temporary and by these shampoos you cannot get rid of dandruff.

You can control or even get rid of dandruff in a cheaper and natural way. The oils from tea trees are known for their soothing and healing nature and does not contain any chemical which can harm your scalp, so these oils can be used to control dandruff, though it is an old school way to control dandruff, does it really matter if you are getting a good response?

There are some remedies which can help you control dandruff at your home:

* Apply lemon on the scalp: Lemon contains the flavonoids which are known for their antibacterial activities and helps in controlling the dandruff. Lemon also reduces excessive oils and helps in balancing the pH levels.
* Can be treated with eggwhite: the proteins of egg white contains anti fungus and anti bacterial ingredients which is considered good for the treatment of dandruff at home. Egg white contains enzymes called iysozyme which initiates the cell death by breaking the walls of the cells, exposing the weak cell membrane leading to reduce the amount of dandruff causing fungi.
* Camphor can help in controlling dandruff: the disinfectent, anti bacterial, insecticide properties of camphor oil leads to reduction of dandruff.
* Can also be controlled by coconut oil: The fatty acids and its derivatives found in coconut oil helps in controlling the dandruff. The oil has three different fatty acids, namely caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid. These acids have different antifungual properties which in all fights with fungi.

Besides this, always make a note that the shampoos which are cheap and not made naturally, damages more than they control the dandruff. It is better to rinse with pure water than to treat them with bad chemicals. Know more at

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